Thursday, August 20, 2015

Using Apps And Electronic Media To Find My Next Job

This week I had the opportunity to be interviewed on ABC-12 WJRT-TV about the Switch app I am using as part of my job search.
How this interview came about was interesting.
I first learned of the app in June after my wife saw it featured on Good Morning America.
I thought it would have been a good story on my old tech beat: the app posts location-based jobs, and similar to Tinder, users can swipe left to pass on a job or swipe right to connect with a hiring manager to learn more about the job. But unfortunately the restructuring occurred before I could post it.
Since I'm happily married - and in the job market and not the dating market - I was still interested in the app and downloading Switch to find my next career opportunity seemed like a smart move.
A short time after I began using the app, the CEO of Switch contacted me directly and inquired if I would be interviewed about my experience with the app.
This is a great example of the culture in start-ups where silos are non-existent and it's all hands on deck to build the company (something I saw first-hand when I spoke with the leadership of the start-ups in Detroit).
After few more emails and a Facetime meeting (always check what is behind you when you work from home and schedule video meetings. There were some Lego sets initially in shelves in my makeshift home office) I was off to Flint for the live interview.

It was a quick ride and great to be on air on a different medium talking about tech.

This is just another example of how you just never know what great opportunity or adventure may be around the corner!

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