Friday, August 21, 2015

Telling Stories Through A #SelfieStickDiary

During the past year when I was out on stories I often had a selfie stick to help balance my camera, get better photo angles and film stand-up shots on location.

My former colleague Jeff Gilbert introduced me to this technique of shooting video which he utilized for his Car Chronicles stories. I quickly embraced this method of filming video and also became a one-man crew when covering stories.

Public relations professionals, those I interviewed and even those who I didn't interview started calling me the "selfie stick guy."

As I continue to my search for my next professional opportunity, I've found there are a number of great visual stories here in St. Clair Shores and other Eastside communities.

In between filling out applications, interviews and networking, I'm going to take my iPhone and selfie stick around town to capture some of the events happening around town, positive changes in the community and unique landmarks. I'm going to call these videos my #SelfieStickDiary

Let me know what you think of my videos. Is there an upcoming event which may make a good video, let me know! I enjoy telling stories and showcasing my community.

Here is a link to my first official #SelfieStickDiary from the Assumption GreekFest. The annual event started Friday and runs through Sunday.

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